Pregnancy Nutrition for ADHD


This ebook was created to help expecting ADHDers meet their nutrition needs and feel good during pregnancy.

Nutrition is arguably one of the most powerful tools at your disposal during pregnancy. 

It helps you grow your baby, improves birth outcomes, and can reduce pregnancy symptoms.

It can also help you manage your ADHD symptoms in the process.

In reading this ebook, you'll learn how to...

  • Identify the ways pregnancy can impact ADHD.
  • Implement ADHD-friendly tools and strategies that can help.
  • Feel confident about what you are eating throughout each trimester.
  • Make a balanced plate that supports pregnancy.
  • Identify high-risk foods and use food safety techniques.
  • Manage pregnancy symptoms using nutrition.
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Last updated May 17, 2023

You'll get this 100 page PDF guide + 25 ADHD-friendly recipes!

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Pregnancy Nutrition for ADHD

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